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5 things I learned from my favourite app's recent downtime

Created at  by me A few days ago, one of my favourite apps went down for 15 minutes.  This app is used by a lot of students and corporates to capture learning. Therefore, a 15 minute downtime did worry a lot of the app's userbase. The primary reason to worry was that the status page of the app also went down with the app itself. I did learn few things from their experience, here is what I learned: Don't mess up with DNS on production Honestly, I don't know the Why of what happened but I do know the how . Changes to the production level DNS rendered the app inaccessible to its users. The URL of the app failed all DNS probes and users were left stranded without access to the web version and APIs, too. Lesson:  Don't mess with production DNS, if you need to, let the users know well in advance and do it when the app usage is less. Your status page shouldn't be on your official top level domain This app's status page was on status.domain.tld, eg. status.v

“Win or Learn”, my first digital product now available on Gumroad

With “Win or Learn”, record your life’s Wins and Learnings (not losses). 📓 Both “Your Wins” and “Your Learnings” pages have curated templates that help you record your Wins and Lesson. 🔁 Make this part of your daily introspection/rituals. 📺 When you are not feeling good about yourself, you can read through the wins to feel better. On the other hand, when you are feeling good, this will help you to remember your learnings, in retrospect. 🔵 The template can be duplicated and completely customized by you. ↗️ Buy this for $2.50 using this link (50% off)